Although COVID has only exacerbated student learning gaps, teachers still are required to demonstrate student grade appropriate growth and achievement. Yet, the training and support needed to achieve this may not always be forthcoming from one’s district or, if it is, to the level of specificity an individual educator may need. Educators are rushing towards the exit door!

This series of e-courses, delivered in a safe and non-evaluative space, will identify simple yet impactful ways through which K12 teachers can proactively improve their teaching practices IMMEDIATELY and maintain life/work balance. Whether you are an individual teacher or school looking to aument your professional development offerings, work smarter not harder!

Hi, I’m John Schembari, Ed.D.

I'm a K12 education consultant with 18+ years’ exp. in school management. I have trained 1000+ educators, serving 10,000+ students, on best curriculum, assessment, and instruction practices. I developed these courses to help educators teach smarter not harder by incorporating simple strategies for more effective teaching and learning.

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